How things change over a trip?

It was almost the end of March. The summer sun was at its scorching highs and i was off to my interview at NIT, Trichy. Being a part of Tamil Nadu, at first i was not sure whether to go there at all. But that trip sort of changed my attitude towards that place.

Tamil Nadu is our closest neighbour. For many years now, there is an inborn grudge, a feeling of hatred inside most of us Mallus. we somehow considered the people of Tamil Nadu as uncultured ,uneducated and most importantly filthy people with serious lack in personal and public cleanliness. We the mallus usually have this mindset inside us even from quite a young age. And when i had to go there all alone, it truly shed new light on the life at Tamil Nadu.

Yes I have to admit its far more hotter than my place (Kerala). Its a really hot plate which sort of turns your skin a few tones darker. Even though the place seemed similar to ours with vast areas of coconut trees, banana plantains, and hectors of paddy field, it pointed out more as a hotter place. May be it was due to the dried desert like plants there or may be it was because of the lizard green tint the leaves had.Farming seemed to be the major activity around. apart from the rice, grass for the cattle, sugar cane,tomato, mangoes and many other vegetables. All this in a hot place like this showed how hardworking and intelligent the people here are.

The next thing i noticed during the trip was number of factories. It actually felt like there was one every 10km . These factories ranged from small scale producers to large industries mostly textile mills and cement factories.Adding this to the farming showed me that i was entirely wrong. these guys are not have much more opportunity to earn an income than other state people. turning on to education i could easily spot a college or school every where i turned. Engineering colleges seems to top the list with infrastructure my college could only dream for. this just proved my theory of Tamilian lacking education into dust.

Yes education and employment are important, but for a human his values and culture is much more valued than his degree and income.And Tamilians aced this one to. They have very high mutual respect to everyone and their love for their language is infinite. spotting another language in any of the bill boards or notice was nearly impossible and they never regret that. For a traveler its a hard task to navigate through the place. The common  Tamilian is a simple person who loved  everyone. Simple example to show this is when to Keralites travel its hard for them to speak with each other, but when a Tamilian hear Tamil, he becomes ecstatic and joins with his. They are also really down-to-earth. one instance came while i was in the train when a fruit vendor was really tired and one of the fellow passenger  gave her place, helped her and started having a conversation. To help someone so strange and poor showed how simple and loving these people are.

Almost forgot to tell you guys about the roads and infrastructure. The roads were great. it was usable and in pretty good condition to. The National Highways were extremely comforting to move through.The people here usually lived in very small houses and they never showboated. Unlike the multi-storied buildings the houses were very small with only 2 or 3 rooms. The way of life too was simpler and people never went for a flamboyant lifestyle.

As a whole the trip totally removed many myths of mine.One can find faults in them by showing their very old lifestyle, lack of cleanliness, but all these are excuses we find so that we dont need to admit they are better than us. I guess its maybe their rudimentary lifestyle that make them a better human being. Rather than us, they are not self centered and are more close to the nature.and all that i thought of them before was may be my mind trying to hide this very fact that they are better. With this new knowledge about my neighbors the trip ended and i am sure i wont look at them the same way again.