Its the Middle of football season and the time when the picture starts to be clear. like many i am also addicted to football,an addiction from a long time ago when i first saw World cup (2002). That game between Brazil and Germany that really sealed the deal. The time passed and it grew older and stronger with me. Now its spread across various leagues from my own countries league (ISL) to German Bundesliga.

Even that was not enough, that when my friend told me about Fantasy premiere League(FPL) . Its my own league where i manage my own team and play with others worldwide to see who is best. Frankly, if you don’t know FPL there is no point in reading further

So i thought why not write abdownloadout FPL and my suggestions for each game week. When i started it i was lost for the first few weeks and had to play catch-up with my more experiencedfriends. Any new FPL managers out there “this one’s for you”

Golden rules( at least for me)

  • Do not pick teams according to your interest.For god sake even if its virtual you are a manager act like one. If your favorite player is struggling bench him or sell him. You are here to win and act professional
  • Use your transfers wisely. Do not use up your transfer unnecessarily. wait till the day before the game.check the Scout option( or My BLOG 😛 ). waiting can help you avoid last minute injuries( trust me on this one)
  • Transfer your injured player fast. When a player gets injured or is unavailable for the match there is a good chance he will be losing his value. The more value you lose the less money for your next purchase.
  • Mix up the team with strong expensive players and cheap yet scoring ones. this ensures a good balance as well as help you be inside the budget.God knows sometimes the cheap ones gives you the most.                                                                      Fantasy-Premier-League
  • Wildcard– You get 2 chances of playing wildcard,before winter and after winter, use it if only its important like you have multiple injured player or your current squad is not consistent enough.I have seen many who played wildcard too early end up having a weaker squad later.Its always preferable to play the wild card between game weeks 9-12 and 28-31
  • Use of chips must be done carefully– The chips must be played if you have a good strong squad that can give you maximum points. Wait for a few weeks to play them and do not rush it.
  • Go with you gut. If you feel the player will give you golds go with him,make him the captain. Its.Its often such decisions that push you two steps forward.