That Final Year Dilemma

Its my final year at college .Just an year more for graduation( at least I hope I can get it done by then).So its that time most of us have faced. Its all about confusion. The constant work to fill in our heads with the answer of “What will happen after this?”

To be frank I am stuck .I was always that kid who never actually had any particular interest.I was like the jack of all trades but king of non. When I talk to most of my friends I realise with great terror that they have figured it out already. They either have this passion they want to pursue or they have this dream job they want to work for.Then there is me……… who just want to grab a bite ,watch some tv and just relax

I am from a place where you can say if you throw a stone to a crowd you a very good chance of hitting an engineer.If your an Indian you know what I am talking about. Its like every family here have one. Roughly 1.5 million engineer graduates pass out of college every year.Its a needle in the haystack scenario. And yet the so called society wants you to get a job, be successfull, blah ,blah ,blah

So to sum it up….am not that good in academics….I don’t have any serious passions…and to make it worse I am from this society where getting a job after graduation is mandatory.BUT i know for a fact there are people like me out there who knows what i am telling. I know am not alone…am I???

This is the time for not only me but many other students(especially Indian engineering students) who are under this tremendous pressure which has been building up in our head from our first day of school till today like boiling water in pressure cooker….its hard…at least for me…..either I can go off to some distant land far away…travel explore  and live the life care free…..or I have the choice of getting a job ,support my family,my father who have burned all his youth just so we can be happy ….. its hard…I don’t want to disappoint my dad,my mom, my family …..meanwhile  I don’t want my life to be just stuck in this boring circle which is just gonna drive me insaneUncertainty-Road-Highway-Two-Lanes-Splitting-600x399

I hope I can clear out my confusions and be happy. Whatever the future holds for me I know I can face it ,look at me I am doing engineering can it get worse than this :), until then I gonna enjoy my last year at college….peace out friends